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August Meeting

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When : 23rd August 7:30pm
What : Reintroducing locally extinct mammals into Sturt NP
Where : Zoom Only. Meeting Id and Password, please send an email to

Professor Richard Kingsford spoke to us about Wild Deserts, part of the Save Our Species initiative. 35,000 ha of desert ecosystem in Sturt National Park in north west New South Wales are being restored by eradicating or controlling introduced animals, managing native herbivores, and reintroducing regionally extinct mammals.

Professor Kingsford is a river ecologist and conservation biologist who has worked extensively across the wetlands and rivers of the Murray-Darling Basin and Lake Eyre Basin. He has worked with many different communities and governments across this region. His expertise includes: River ecology, water use in Australia, wetland ecology, waterbirds, river policy, dam building effect, rewilding, adaptive management of ecosystems and conservation biology.

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