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June 2022 Meeting Australian Wildlife Conservancy – Effective Conservation for Australia’s Wildlife

Joey Clarke, an ecologist with Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC). will discuss the work that he does with AWC. Joey has worked with AWC for over a decade across their network of sancuaries.

Joey Clarke, an ecologist and Senior Science Communicator with Australian Wildlife Conservancy, will discuss science-informed land management, sanctuary networks, strategic fire management, feral predators, restoring populations of threatened Australian mammals and new partnerships to scale up conservation, plus good news stories and project updates.

With a lifelong passion for the natural world, Joey studied ecology and evolution at the Australian National University, then completed an honours research project on the ecology of the Black Grasswren in the remote north-west Kimberley of Western Australia. Joey has worked with Australian Wildlife Conservancy for over a decade, starting as a guide at Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary, then taking on roles in fundraising and communications. Since 2020 he has hosted a series of popular online conversations about AWC’s conservation work, and he has appeared regularly on national and international media as a spokesperson for the organisation. Joey has worked across AWC’s network of sanctuaries from Cape York to Central Australia, the Gulf of Carpentaria, the Kimberley, and outback New South Wales.

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