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June 2022 Field Day Kurnell, Kamay Botany Bay NP

OFF members and friends visited Kamay NP (Kurnell), where Banks and Sollander collected plants in 1770, many still visible today. They were then fortunate to see many migrating whales.

Leader: Graham Fry, 26th June 2022

Fourteen OFF members and friends met at the closed visitor centre in Kamay NP (Kurnell) on Sunday 26th June. The group followed the Yena trail for a short distance before diverting onto the Banks Sollander Track where signs show identical plant species to those that Banks and Sollander had collected in 1770. Over 130 species were collected in this area and at the time it was one of the most significant botanical discovery areas found. After returning to the Yena trail banksias and other plants in flower were admired before arriving at the currently under reconstruction whale watching platform.

Lunch was taken here while watching plenty of whales heading north. After lunch some of the group headed further south to Cape Baily lighthouse while the remainder returned to the visitor centre following an alternative track. A great day in perfect weather with good opportunities to appreciate Australia’s unique flora and appreciating one of the great whale success stories as numbers of Humpback whales have increased significantly since whaling stopped in the 1960’s.

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