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November 2022 Meeting Billion Bees Project.

On November 28 Saverio Russo will tell us how he became involved with the fascinating world of native bees.

On November 28 Saverio Russo will talk about the black summer bushfires of 2020, and its effect on bee pollination. He will also discuss the future of the bee industry as a whole.

Saverio spent 37 years in the hospitality industry and the last 8 years as a wine maker. Working closely with biodynamic/organic growers he began to see the depletion of insects through current farming practices. Searching for a birthday present for his 4 year-old son, he attended an indigenous workshop and learnt that Australia has stingless bees, which he found astonishing; the perfect gift. Saverio then became captivated with them and the number of colonies expanded dramatically and led to the formation of a foundation dedicated to the restoration and long-term conservation of Australian bees in our communities.

This talk will start at 7.30pm, in the Uniting Church Hall, Frederick St Oatley and online using ZOOM – please email for meeting Id and Password.

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