Oatley Flora and Fauna Society have organised  another exciting year of speakers and walks for 2022.  Click here for OFF Program 2022



28th Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Ben Stepkovitch – Effects of reintroduction of Western Quoll on prey species; Dympna Cullen – Refuges for Crest-tailed Mulgara after drought (both UNSW postgraduates and OFF grant recipients).


19th §Saturday – Field day

Boat Harbour shorebirds, Cronulla (walk and bird-watching).  Leader: Deb Andrew

27th §Sunday – Field day

Dharawal NP (medium walk).  Leader: Graham Lalchere

28th Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Scott Wilson (Macquarie University) – Environmental impacts of plastics and microplastics.


25th Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Eleanor Lang (ANU Biodiversity Field Officer) Sustainable farms.

27th §Wednesday – Field day

Fitzroy Falls – East and West Rims (medium walk).  Leader: Adrian Polhill


23rd Monday Meeting – 7.30 pm

Swapan Paul (Wetland Manager, SOPA) Ecology and sustainable management of mangroves.

29th §Sunday – Field day

Heathcote Station to Audley via Uloola Falls, Royal NP.  Leader: Adrian Buzo


26th §Sunday – Field day

Kurnell, Kamay Botany Bay NP (walk and whale watching).  Leader: Graham Fry.

27th Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Chloe Robinson (UNSW postgraduate and OFF grant recipient) – Effect of mammal reintroductions on arid food webs.


25th Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Aaron Eger (UNSW postgraduate and OFF grant recipient) – Marine kelp forest restoration.

31st §Sunday – Field day

Oatley-Lugarno walk.  Leader: Liz Cameron


22nd Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Film screening – preview of “Koala Corridor” and “When the Rivers Run Dry” (Menindee Lakes).

28th §Sunday – Field day

Mount Keira Ring Track and Wollongong Botanic Gardens (medium walk).  Leader: Kim Wagstaff


25th §Sunday – Field day

Curra Moors Track, Royal NP.  Leader: Matt Allison

26th Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Peter Contos (La Trobe Uni postgraduate and OFF grant recipient) – Rewilding minibeasts for biodiversity and ecosystem function.


24th Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Scott Deller (Ops Response Co-ordinator, RFS) – Changes after the Black Summer bushfires, hazard reduction burns and environmental considerations.

30th §Sunday – Field day Cancelled due to flooded creeks.

Heathcote Creek and Tamaroo Ridge, Heathcote NP (medium walk).  Leader: Ian Pitt


27th §Sunday – Field day

Australian Botanic GardenMt Annan. Leader: Lesley Wylie.

28th Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Susan Rhind (wildlife biologist) – Nest box design


5th Monday – Christmas Picnic in Oatley Park

FEBRUARY 6th MondayAGM – 7.30pm

MEETINGS: OFF will continue with the monthly guest speaker program for 2022. However, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we may conduct these meetings on-line only, using the video conference application Zoom. Meetings held at the Uniting Church Hall will also be broadcast on-line. Details can be found in the Newsletter published prior to each meeting.

You can download ZOOM for free via this link: or from Play Store (Google) or App Store (Apple). You should run a test before meetings to ensure you can connect on the night. Please login before 7.30pm: You will receive an invitation prior to meetings or use the link:

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