Oatley Flora and Fauna Society have organised  another exciting year of speakers and walks for 2021.  Click here for OFF Program 2021



22nd Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Rhonda Daniels – Sir Joseph Banks – his life and legacy (251 years post Cook’s voyage).

28th Sunday – Field day

Bairne Track, Ku-ring-gai Chase NP (medium walk).  Leader: Adrian Buzo


22nd Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Jingyi Ding (UNSW postgrad, OFF grant recipient) -Environmental drivers of woody plant structure from the coast to the desert.

28th Sunday – Field day

Unexpected animal habitats and heritage landscapes in south-western Sydney.  Leader: Sharyn Cullis


26th Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Gracie Lui – Chytrid fungus disease in amphibians.

(UNSW postgrad and OFF grant recipient)

Colin Storey (Water Quality Advisor, Veolia) – Treating water from catchments & desalination plant.


4th Tuesday – Field day

Sydney Park, St Peters and Chau Chak Wing Museum, Univ. of Sydney.  Leader: Liz Cameron

24th Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

David Waterhouse – Lifting the veil on the unique wildlife of northwestern India.

30th Sunday – Field day

Fitzroy Falls: East and West Rim trails (suitable for most fitness levels).  Leaders: Adrian & Janine Polhill


28th Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Simon Gorta (UNSW postgrad, OFF grant recipient) – Habitat use by arid birds under land management and drought related stressors.


4th Sunday – Field day

Garrawarra and Palm Jungle, Royal NP (medium walk).  Leader: Lesley Wylie.

26th Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Charles Massy – Author of ‘Call of the Reed Warbler’ and advocate for regenerative farming.


1st Sunday- Field day

Pindar Cave, Wondabyne (Brisbane Waters NP) (medium walk).  Leader: Graham Fry.

23rd Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Richard Kingsford (Environmental Science, UNSW) – Re-introducing locally extinct mammals to Sturt NP.

29thSunday – Field day

Mount Keira Ring Track and Wollongong Botanic Gardens (medium walk).  Leader: Kim Wagstaff


27th Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Madeleine Florin (Greater Sydney Local Land Services) – Landcare programs in Greater Sydney.


2nd-4th Weekend – Field trip

To be advised, possibly a week-end away.

25th Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Culum Brown (Marine Biologist, Macquarie Uni.) – How smart are fish: intelligence & learning behaviour.

31st Sunday – Field day

Heathcote Creek and Tamaroo Ridge, Heathcote NP  (medium walk).  Leader:  Ian Pitt


22nd Monday Meeting & Social Supper – 7.30pm

Sam Allan (UTS postgrad and OFF grant recipient) – Climate change, habitat associations and range limits of the weedy sea dragon.


6th Monday – Christmas Picnic in Oatley Park


27th MondayAGM – 7.30pm

MEETINGS: OFF will continue with the monthly guest speaker program for 2021. However, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we must conduct these meetings on-line, using the video conference application Zoom, which you can download for free via this link: or from Play Store (Google) or App Store (Apple). You should run a test before meetings to ensure you can connect on the night. Please login before 7.30pm: You will receive an invitation prior to meetings or use the link:

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