Oatley Flora and Fauna Society have organised  another exciting year of speakers and walks for 2024. 


19th Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Dr Margot Oorebeek, Co-ordinator, ACT-Yass Birds on Farms BirdLife Australia project from 1995 until now; it includes Moorlands.

25th §Sunday – Field day

The Spit to Manly walk (10 km, swimming optional). Leader:  Lesley Wylie


16th §Saturday – Field day

Kayak or walk along on Wingecarribee River near Bowral; picnic lunch.  Leader: Adrian Polhill

18th Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Brendan Alting (UNSW postgraduate & OFF grant recipient) – Interactions of mammal and reptile predators in a mixed-use coastal ecosystem.


15th Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Vanessa McPherson & Prof. Michael Gillings (Macquarie University) – Fungal biodiversity.

28th §Sunday – Field day

Grays Point to Audley Loop via Hacking River.  Leader: Lesley Wylie


20th Monday Meeting – 7.30 pm

Dr Dan Bickel (Australian Museum) – Flies – an example of the unending diversity of our planet’s biota.

26th §Sunday – Field day

Red Hands Cave, Glenbrook.  Leader: Matt Allison


17th Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Andrew Scott – Building Bridges to Boorowa – an urban-rural tree-planting partnership.

30th §Sunday – Field day

Malabar Headlands loop track (6 km).  Leader: Lesley Wylie


15th Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Rob Dixon, Georges Riverkeeper – looking after our waterways.

21st §Sunday – Field day

The Convict Trail in Dharug NP – Devine’s Hill walk from Wiseman’s Ferry.  Leader:  Liz Cameron


19th Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

A/Prof Katherine Moseby (UNSW) – Building behavioural resilience in bilbys, quolls and stick-nest rats.

25th §Sunday – Field day

Barren Grounds Nature Reserve, Jamberoo. 

Leader:  Deb Andrew


16th Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Jonathan Saunders (Ecologist, NPWS) – habitat restoration at Canowindra.

29th §Sunday – Field day

Bottle Forest Trail, Heathcote NP (leisurely stroll to see waratahs in flower).  Leader:  Lesley Wylie


21st Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

OFF members’ travel tales, illustrated.

27th §Sunday – Field day

Lake Eckersley, Heathcote NP.  Leader:  Ian Pitt


18th Monday Meeting – 7.30pm

Dr Gilad Bino (UNSW) – Platypus in Royal NP

24th §Sunday – Field day

Auburn Botanic Gardens.  Leader:  Kim Wagstaff


2nd Monday – Christmas Picnic in Oatley Park


3rd Monday – AGM – 7.30pm Followed by members’ photos and supper

FEBRUARY 6th MondayAGM – 7.30pm

MEETINGS: OFF meetings with monthly guest speakers are held at the Oatley Uniting Church Hall. We also conduct these meetings on-line, using the video conference application Zoom. Details can be found in the Newsletter published prior to each meeting.

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