Local Parks

Oatley Park

Oatley Park is a tree-covered peninsular almost surrounded by the estuarine waters of the lower Georges River. Covering an area of 45 hectares, it is the most significant area of bushland remaining in the St George district. The park has access from Oatley Park Avenue and Douglas Haig Street. It has roads, an oval, picnic areas and historic tidal swimming baths.

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Lime Kiln Bay Wetland

Lime Kiln Bay Wetland is located in Oatley and is bordered by Oatley Park and Oatley Heights Park. It is a constructed pond system built by Hurstville City Council and opened in September 2001. The system was designed to stop gross pollutants such as plastic, paper and organic matter, then settle out the sediment to prevent pollution from flowing into Lime Kiln Bay and eventually the Georges River.

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Myles Dunphy Reserve

Situated on the foreshores of the Georges river around Gungah Bay in Oatley. The reserve includes an extensive mangrove area and bushland. The area was originally to be sub-divided, but it was difficult due to swampy conditions. Myles Dunphy Reserve remains an important refuge for the remnant flora and provides an important corridor for wildlife habitation.

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Georges River National Park

Georges River National Park is located on the lower reaches of the Georges River. It comprises several large and small discrete river front areas with a total of 320 hectares. Most of the park consists of steep forested hillsides and plateau areas which are found on either side of the river and its tributary creeks. The national park evolved from reclaimed foreshore lands from the 1950s. In l96l, the area became the Georges River National Park and further areas of foreshore were added and developed for recreation managed by Department of Lands and finally came under the administration of National Parks in April 1992. Mill Creek and Yerramba Lagoon are interesting areas to explore in the park.

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