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Glenlee Update – September 2021

Appeal is now with the Land and Environment Court for 22 October 2021. Donations needed for expert witness.

Save Historic Glenlee – Campaign Update 16-09-2021
Developers are set to remove 200 trees on land with significant Aboriginal and European History.

The proposal to build more than 30 houses on Glenlee in Lugarno has been made without consideration to its natural and cultural heritage values. Glenlee contributes to the view from Oatley Park. It plays an important role in a wildlife corridor from Oatley Park, Lugarno and on to the Georges River National Park. Glenlee is also significant as an archaeological site with Indigenous activity and a legacy of early Australian history.

Your donation today will help to increase the campaign to save this historic site.

The developer’s appeal against Council’s deemed refusal of the DA is currently proceeding in the Land and Environment Court with a conciliation conference listed for 22 October 2021. Council’s Statement of Facts and Contentions has been filed with the court and made available to residents via HWLEbsworth’s Letter to Residents regarding conciliation dated 14 September 2021.

Statement of Facts and Contentions in the proceedings which was filed with the Court on 31 August 2021 (SOFAC)

The campaign team needs to engage experts to provide reports, that will carry significant weight with the court, to present with the residents’ case and they can’t be engaged until the
funds are in hand. If you want to help save the natural and cultural heritage of Glenlee, you can make a donation to the Save Glenlee fighting fund, join the Friends of Glenlee Association and sign the petition asking the government to buy Glenlee for the community and future generations.

Your donation today will help to increase the campaign to save this historic site. A report from a Town Planner and possibly an Ecologist could make the difference between saving Glenlee and it being destroyed. These reports will carry much more weight with the court and we see them as essential to our case. Will you support the fight by donating to a fighting fund? The first meeting with the court is in mid-October so time is of the essence. The Nature Conservation Council has generously offered to allow us to use their facilities to raise funds, giving donations tax deductibility. Your tax receipt will come in their name but 100% of the donation will come to our Save Glenlee fund.

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