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October Meeting – How Smart are Fish?

Meeting Recording on YouTube

Professor Culum Brown intrigued an audience of 32 members with his extremely interesting presentation on fish intelligence. He explained how different fish species have adapted their sight, hearing, taste and sensitivity to electromagnetic fields to their different environments. He also discussed fish culture, social structure, cooperation and feeding, memory and their ability to feel pain. Culum concluded with comments on the importance of marine reserves which are a safe haven and critical breeding grounds for many species.

Culum is a well-known champion of fish intelligence and welfare. He did his science degree at University of Melbourne, Honours and PhD at the University of Queensland, multiple post-docs at Cambridge University, University of Edinburgh and the Smithsonian. He was a lecturer in Animal Behaviour at the University of Canterbury before moving to Macquarie University where he is now a Professor and teaches Vertebrate Evolution and Behaviour. During his career, Culum has made a significant contribution to the study of behavioural ecology of fishes and its application to fisheries science.

Video of this meeting is now on our video channel on YouTube

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