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August 2021 Meeting Revisit

Recording now on YouTube.
See also ABC News story based on Australian Story broadcast on ABC TV on 11/4/22. It shows research that is being undertaken at the remote station that was featured in Richard’s presentation.

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March 2022 Field Day Boat Harbour Shorebirds

An invigorating OFF field excursion to Boat Harbour and Merries Reef, which is a renowned and important site for migratory and resident shorebirds where they roost at high tide and feed at low tide.

Fauna Georges River Talks

Shore Birds of Botany Bay and Port Hacking

Shorebirds across the globe are under pressure. We need to do what we can to protect them and their habitats. Let’s make space on the shore for these amazing birds. Extracts from a presentation by Debbie Andrew on shorebirds of Botany Bay and Port Hacking for Local Land Services hosted by Sutherland Environment Centre on […]

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Koalas in Heathcote NP

Did you know there are Koalas very close to our local area ?

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Reptiles and Amphibians of Sydney

Jayden Walsh spends a lot of time looking for reptiles and frogs in the Sydney Basin