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Koalas in Heathcote NP

Did you know there are Koalas very close to our local area ?

“Local naturalists Steve Anyon-Smith and Tom Kristensen are on a mission to learn more about the Koalas of Heathcote National Park. Previously thought to only be present in very low numbers Tom and Steve have already identified 15 individuals, including this mother and young, and considers there are still more to be found. Heathcote NP is providing important habitat and a potential refuge for Koalas in the Greater Sydney region.

Finding Koalas can be a difficult task and takes some patience but finding their rather aromatic olive pip shaped droppings or distinctive scratches can make any search easier.Koalas could occur anywhere along the Woronora River and its tributaries so it is worth keeping an eye out for these beautiful marsupials, especially in their favoured trees, Grey Gum, Sydney Peppermint, Brown or Blue-leaved Stringybark. “

Most people don’t know there are koalas still in Sydney – let alone a chlamydia-free and growing population! The more people know that our Sydney koalas are at risk – and do something about it – the greater chance of protecting them.

Check out Save Sydney Koalas to find out more

Who do you know who cares about koalas – family, friends, people with influence?

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