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Glenlee Update – March 2022

28 Jan 2022 – A 12 month Interim Heritage Order was gazetted by the Minister for Environment and Heritage which prevents any further development of the site. It allows for further investigations into Glenlee’s historical and Indigenous significance. Additionally, the Minister has also requested that NSW Heritage pursue the listing of Glenlee on the State Heritage Register.

2 Feb 2022 – Conciliation meeting: The parties did not reach an agreement regarding the resolution of the matter. The Land and Environment Court met with the developer, the Council’s legal team, and residents, concerning the proposed development of Glenlee. There were eight speakers representing the residents who spoke about the history of the site, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage, Ecology, stormwater management, traffic and parking. Mark Coure and a Town Planner also spoke on behalf of the residents.

17 Feb 2022 – Georges River Local Planning Panel acknowledged the heritage significance of Glenlee and unanimously recommended that Council:

  • Support the listing of Glenlee as a local heritage item on the Heritage Schedule of the Georges River Local Government Plan 2021
  • Support the State listing of Glenlee and endorse the forwarding of the Planning Proposal to the NSW Dept of Planning and Environment.

In early March, Glenlee was back on the market with, expressions of interest to purchase the property due by 31 March. The site is being promoted as suitable for multi dwellings. There is no mention of the Heritage Order and impediments this may have to the site being developed.

With the impediment of the call option removed, the Council are now able to make an offer for the land. Friends of Glenlee are urging residents to write to Georges River Councillors and various members of Parliament to support the purchase by providing state and federal funding.

There is a Friends of Glenlee Zoom meeting on 23 March 2022 at 7.30 pm to discuss to discuss campaign strategies. Click here for More Details

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