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January 2024 – Visit to Charlotte Pass

OFF members enoyed a week of walking at Pygmy Possum Lodge, at Charlotte Pass in Kosciuszko NP.

OFF headed to the high country, Pygmy Possum Lodge, Charlottes Pass, Kosciuszko National Park, 7-14
January 2024.

Eleven OFF members and two prospective members set off to Pygmy Possum Lodge at beautiful and
remote Charlottes Pass in Kosciuszko National Park. The weather forecast was variable and rainy on
our arrival but continued to improve over the week to fine sunny conditions.

On day three we set out on the gently graded Charlottes Pass to Perisher section (12.9 km) of the
newly constructed Snowies Alpine Walk, through beautiful old growth, unburnt Snow Gum
woodland, open frost hollow valleys and across clear mountain streams. We were amazed by the
diversity of wildflowers, the beauty of the ancient Snow Gums, intrigued by the aquamarine flat
worms and impressed by the quality of the track.

By day five the sky was clear and blue and many of us set off for the Main Range, some heading to
Blue Lake and Mount Carruthers, others to Mount Kosciuszko via Thredbo, while others took the
spectacular scenic drive around the Alpine Way. Our prospective member, Phillipa from Canberra,
completed the whole Main Range Circuit (22 km). The wildflowers and views were spectacular. We
spied the threatened Blue-billed Duck on Blue Lake and Club Lake and the unique Alpine Water Skink
on sphagnum bogs along the way. Insects abounded, butterflies, mountain grasshoppers, day flying
moths and of course bush and March flies which we largely kept at bay. The Flame Robin, with its
glowing orange-red breast and lyrical call was one of our constant companions, reminding us we
were truly in the mountains. Deb and Brett saw the only snake, a possible Highland Copperhead.

On day six, after an early morning car shuffle, several of us set off on the Charlottes Pass to Guthega
section (9 km) of the new Snowies Alpine Walk, downstream along the beautiful Snowy River valley.
The raised walkway kept us well above the alpine shrubs and gave us great vistas of the Snowy River.
Out on the track and back at the lodge Liz was a fountain of information on the identification of
alpine flora and fauna resulting in that often-heard phrase “Just ask Liz”.

Other walks we ventured on included Mount Stilwell, Rainbow Lake and the Waterfall walk at Sawpit
Creek. We all enjoyed our evening get together discussing the day’s adventures and taking in the
beautiful vistas from the lodge across the valley. Thank you, Graham Fry for organizing such a terrific
trip, and the weather as well! We all look forward to our next Pygmy Possum adventure.

Information on the Snowies Alpine Walk can be found at:

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