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Next Meeting 24 May

The talk at our next General meeting 7.30pm Monday 24 May 2021, titled Lifting the Veil on the unique wildlife of north western Indiawill be presented by David Waterhouse. He will tell us about the wildlife of Gujarat and Rajasthan in north-western India. In 2019, during the cool weather period in January, David undertook a wildlife tour, concentrating on mammals and birds of the open plains, forests and wetlands. He will illustrate his talk with stunning photographs. 

At the OFF meeting on 24th May David Waterhouse shared photos and stories of the wildlife he encountered in Gujarat and Rajasthan in January 2019. David travelled in the cool weather season of NW India (December to February) and visited open plains, forests and wetlands in national parks, reserves and sanctuaries.
The talk can be viewed on video on the Society’s YouTube channel:

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